1 day - Sillustani Experience & Umayo Island

Sillustani archeological complex is located over a Peninsula surrounded by the Lake Humayo. Many rare native birds spices can be seeing on its shores. Observe the Umayo Island that is a natural reserve to protect Vicunas an endangered spice of South American camelid. Then have a guided visit to learn about the Kolla culture.

Day 1 - Sillustani Experience & Umayo Island

Duration: 6.5 hours. Distance: 76.5 kilometers by land and 4.2 km by row boat.

After a 45 -minute bus ride through the highlands we arrive at Cacsi Community on the shores of the Umayo Lagoon and then are transported in row boats by Taft fishermen. Visit Umayo Island, it is a natural reserve where wild vicunas can be observed. Then we paddle towards the mainland and visit Sillustani an ancient cemetery located on a mesa. Guided tour of the site, observe huge burial towers (Chullpas) of the Pre-Inca and Incan times, with the back drop of a spectacular scenery. Be amazed by the degree of perfection of the ancient architecture. After contemplating this magical site return to Puno visiting a traditional country house and learn aspects of daily life from up close enjoy of a typical lunch based on native products. Then return to Puno.


  • Private transport,
  • guide
  • entrances
  • row boat ride
  • typical lunch

Price Information

  • US$ 149.00 (1 person)
  • US$ 96.00 (2/3 persons)
  • US$ 65.00 (4/6 persons)
  • US$ 54.00 (7/10 persons)