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The following is a complete information of Bus transport options from / To : Puno - lake Titicaca & Cusco, Arequipa , Colca & La Paz

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Bus : Puno - Cusco (Or Vice Versa)

Here you will find complete information about the Bus service from Puno to Cusco (or vice versa).

Bus : Puno - Arequipa or Colca

A Brief description of the bus transport options from Puno to Arequipa or Colca or vice versa

Bus : Puno - Copacabana - La Paz

A brief description of the Bus service from Puno to Copacabana and la Paz ( Or Vice versa)

Train : Puno - Cusco

For sure the coziest way to travel from Puno to Cusco or Vice versa, by the “Train of the Andes” run by Orient Express by one of the highest rail ways in the world,