Experience the beauty and immensity of Lake Titicaca, paddliing on its transparent blue waters. Through: Titicaca Kayak Company, an exclusive Division of Edgar Adventures. We have designed trips from 1-day to multi–day. Kayak tours allow us to enjoy unique locations and breathtaking landscapes. We offer you the best equipment available, high quality sea kayaks and certified guides.


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Our Puno & Lake Titicaca Tours are supported by the most reliable travel service in Puno, Puno tours in Lake Titicaca Peru. We are direct operators of Lake Titicaca, our Titicaca guides staff and Titicaca travel organization is always ready, our aim is to provide always a better & better service. Travel to Lake Titicaca via exclusive Titicaca trips: Classic Titicaca island trips, Titicaca deluxe tours, Tours to Uros and Taquile islands, home stay on Amantani Island. Enjoy a Titicaca life time trip.

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